"I have worked with Sean Pook for four years. UXerNow have had a 100% success rate delivering excellent UX candidates during the whole period where other agencies have previously failed. Other agencies say they are ‘UX recruitment specialists’ and they turn out not to be. UXerNow/eXperience Talent are a true UX recruitment specialist agency who deliver quality candidates with an excellent service."
Global Financial Services Firm


UXerNow boasts a private and active list of over 900 freelance UX Designers, Visual UI Designers, and User Researchers

UnderstandING user experience

Graphic Design is not Interaction Design! With over 14 years’ experience recruiting UXers, you can rest assured that UXerNow precisely understands your recruiting needs, with zero chance of receiving irrelevant applicants

Instant UX reach

Our network of UX freelancers have actively opted-IN to receive alerts of new UX contract opportunities. This means your hiring requirements will reach the market within an hour of briefing


Database growing daily

Our network of 900+ UX freelancers is growing at a steady pace with an average of 10 new freelancers signing up daily

Global search capability

There are no geographical restrictions on our search capability. We have filled UX roles all over the world

Cost effective margins

UXerNow does not charge ridiculous margins nor take advantage of a critical hiring time frame by bumping up rates. Our rates are designed with long term partnerships and not short term profits in mind

Tech level knowledge

An ex-software engineer, Sean Pook understands the industry intimately, meaning that briefs are understood immediately with no time wasted with 'recruiter education'

Instant reach

Our network of 900 UX freelancers have opted-IN to receive instant alerts of new UX contract opportunities

Professional communication

UXerNow will not waste clients' or candidates' time with nonsense marketing or 'fishing' messages. Polite, concise, and relevant is the name of our game

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